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Mi Barrio- Nueva Neumancia (Vallekas)

Quick Intro- I haven't been writing here a lot, so I'll bring you up to speed quickly before I dive into what this post is really about. I recently moved from Getafe up to Madrid. My friend Elena and I are going (I say going to because she's still in Mexico) to share an apartment in Nueva Neumancia. It's close to Puente de Vallecas, which is known as a pretty sketchy part of Madrid so I was nervous at first, but I've been here now for a couple weeks and have pretty much fallen in love with both the area and my apartment.

Today I got up oddly early for a Friday (8am- I couldn't go back to sleep!) so I took a walk around my neighborhood from about 9:30-10:30 just to explore and take photos. I've discovered that Vallekas pretty much has everything you need--

-we have nightlife- there's a bar de copas in the plaza across the street, and a disco/bar just down the street from me
-we have various chino/alimentacion where they sell actual instant noodles from korea, china, japan, etc.
-we have various stores selling latin american products- including spicy things!! :)
-numerous discount grocery stores (mercadonna, lidl, ahorramas,
-a really large park nearby called "Tio Pio", which has hills so you get a cool view of Madrid!!!
-a tattoo/piercing shop (this I already knew- it's on my path from the metro to my door!)
-a large market that houses not only Mercadonna but also smaller fruterias, carnicerias, artisan shops... that all have an amazing variety.

I'd say I hit the jackpot!

Only problem is my neighbor complained last night when we were practicing some music here, but well, that's a whole other ball of wax that I'll deal with later! People keep telling me that apparently in Madrid people can't make official noise complaints until after midnight or if the noise is above a certain number of decibels.

My music is going well... I've taken up translating... work is going well... social life is fabulous.... things are just good all around.

Over and out!


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Apr. 15th, 2011 01:16 pm (UTC)
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