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I think I need to move my blog over to google's thing.... revolutionize this baby.

Well, I'm back... it's been forever since I posted, lo siento mucho. But all that to say, I'M BACK IN SPAIN! OLE! Almost thought I wouldn't return. The problem is, I get attached to places that I like. I went back home to Vermont, and it was really difficult to leave again. But somehow I gathered up my courage and did it, even though US AIRWAYS tried to prevent me from boarding the plane because my NIE expires October 20 and my return flight isn't until July! OK, you hear that? This is advice to auxiliares-- DON'T FLY ON AMERICAN AIRLINE COMPANIES. I have never had this problem with British Airways or Aer Lingus, for example.

To be fair, this may also be because it was my first time flying out of Burlington, which is a very small airport, so they have time to be picky about these things, where as in the past I flew out of Boston and JFK.

On to more pleasant thoughts. I've been back for nearly a week, and things are already swinging into motion. Not full blast quite yet- I have not yet started giving clases particulares or taking French classes. But I have been practicing saxophone with the gang- tonight we're going down to Toledo for a swing festival. Today I went to the school to get oriented with things.... met the new auxiliar, who's English, and, luckily for me, also a polyglot! I start working at the school next week.

I found a piso in Getafe this year... it's a pretty humble place, and I'm sort of third-wheel-ish (living with a couple from Peru/Bolivia) but the rent is cheap (200 euros per month!!), it's a 5 minute walk from school, and there are a supermarket, pharmacy, and frutería right around the corner- whereas last year living in barrio Goya, I had to always cross a busy 4-lane street just to get a stick of bread, not to mention the hour commute to/from work. It's much more relaxing here. True, it does take me longer to go up to Madrid for jazz activities and such, but, well, I'll see how that goes. So far, it's better this way- something about riding the cercanías and metro sucks the energy out of me, so I think it's better to live in Getafe and then have to ride them in the evening, rather than ride them in the morning and start the day out already exhausted.

That is my main news, for now. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do for renovating my blog and moving it to blogger!

Just kidding- one more thought! Yesterday I met a Spaniard who couldn't tell where I was from based on my accent. First he thought I was French because I said "sil vous plait" and "merci". When I said no, I'm not French, he asked, "Then where are you from?" and I said, "I'll let you try to guess." I said some random things about myself so he could hear more of my accent. He guessed Germany, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, then finally Canada. I said, "OK, close enough, I'm from Vermont, USA." His response- "Pero, no puedes ser un Yanqui!" (EN- "But you can't be a Yankee"- btw, Yankee in Spain means ALL Americans, even if you're from the South.)

So that was amusing. That said, though, there are plenty of Spanish speakers who tell me my accent is very obvious :-/ but I've honestly stopped caring- just what matters is that I continue to improve my fluency. It's a nice compliment, though, when they can't tell where I'm from! I even once met a Mexican who thought I was from Spain- I think that's the best one I've heard!!