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Rebeccacita en... IRLANDA!

I realize this is a journal about my adventures in Spain. However, I am going to use this to talk about Ireland for the next couple weeks. I've included other European adventures in here after all.

I arrived in Dublin late on Wednesday night last week... On Thursday I explored a little, but didn't try to do too much since my sister was coming in the next day and I wanted to do stuff with her. On Thursday I met two of my hostel roommates- they're musicians from Barcelona, and very cool people, named Angie and Pau... Angie sings, Pau plays guitar... Pau also does some really amazing magic tricks- no, not magic tricks- better. Think of The Illusionist.

Speaking of meeting people and speaking other languages in the Hostel (I've been staying at Camden Place, btw), I also met these really nice girls from Dresden, Germany. They've been speaking with me in German the whole time, and it's been quite a mental workout for me, but they were so sweet and patient so it was really fun.

We also met a guy from Nice staying in our room, and we invited him to come with us on the walking tour... since the tour guide spoke fast and with an irish accent, our new French friend asked me to translate some of the stuff... hahaha, yeah, with my elementary French :D Actually, he was really cool and helped me practice my French a little. I was glad to practice all three of my languages here- French, German, and Spanish. It's hard not to mix up French with my German now since I've been studying French more than German! More over, though, I'm happy that I've met all these different people- that's what's cool about staying in hostels.

Julie arrived bright and early on Friday, so I met her at the airport, surprisingly not so hung over from going on one of Dublin's oodles of pub crawls the night before! We went for a walk around the garden behind St Patrick's cathedral. There was a really nice woman there who came up and said, "Would you like me to take your picture?"

I have to say, of all the cities I've traveled to in Europe, Dublin is the nicest! Literally if you stand around even the most touristy parts of Dublin with a map in front of you looking lost, Dubliners come up to you and say, "You look lost. Can I help you find something?" That exact situation happened to me on Grafton Street on Thursday. I think the best example was when I arrived late on Wednesday, I had taken a different bus than the one I should have for the hostel (because it was late and that was the only bus left into town), and an Irish guy comes up to me and says, "Do you need help finding something?" so I explain how I need to get to my hostel, and we take a cab there together, since it's on the way to his destination. At the end I ask, "How much do I owe you?" He says, "Don't worry about it."

So, tomorrow we finally leave Dublin... going to spend a night in Kilkenny, a night in Waterford, then headed to Cork for a few days. We've seen and done the following here in Dublin:

-visited the Guinness Store house, where we had a "free" pint of Guinness at the top in the Gravity Bar. Don't go just for the pint- the tour itself costs over three times what a pint in any of Dublin's pubs would cost you! It's a self guided tour. At least you get to taste the roasted barley... it tastes like coffee, so then later when I was drinking Guinness, I noticed the coffee-like taste of it a bit more.

-went on the literary pub crawl. This was more for Julie, but I enjoyed it too. These two guys lead you around two four different pubs that are associated with some of Dublin's famous writers, and even perform some scenes from their plays. For example, they started with a scene from Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" in the pub called The Duke. The ask various trivia questions for you to answer at the end of the pub crawl. This tour costs 10 euros but of course does not include drinks- this is just to pay your entertainers!

-saw the Book of Kells at Trinity College. I didn't really think it was worth the 10 euros, but still I can say I saw the original Book of Kells! They had interesting info there about how the book was made. It's actually 9 euros to see the book, but pay 10 euros and you get a tour of trinity college, led by a true Trinity College nerd, accent and everything! ;)

And of course this is not Ireland related BUT....


We were at a pub with the rest of the hostel, sitting with Angie and Pau, so all of us were excited when Spain finally made the winning goal!

I don't usually care at all about football (or soccer as other Americans would know it) but everyone's talking all the time about the world cup, and it's cool to see the different countries competing. And I was really happy when Spain won. Sorry, Holland!

Well, that is all I can think of to tell you for the moment... I'll try to check back in here tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have been to the castle in Kilkenny by that point. We'll be hanging out there tomorrow before going on to Waterford (not sure if we'll get to see the Crystal factory yet) then to Cork. Yay!