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Coming up next: MALTA, ATHENS, PAROS

Well, I'm still getting over how exciting the Fallas were. One of my co-workers at school told me about the bonfires of Saint John in Alicante in June... from the little bit I've read and heard, this sounds like something I need to go to!!
On the note of crazy Spanish festivals, now I'm thinking of going to San Fermin!

Well, all those plans will have to wait for a bit because in just THREE days- no, now TWO days- Fishy and I embark on our MALTA-GREECE EXTRAVAGANZAAAAA!

Here's the itinerary:

Thursday 25/3 - Fly out to Malta, arrive noon. Cool thing about Malta- we're going to couch surf with a Spaniard!

Sunday 28/3 - Fly out around Midnight for Athens. Stay in hostel until Friday 2/4. Head to Greek island Paros for a couple nights to stay with a friend of Fishy's. Sunday 4/4 head back to Athens to catch our flight back to Madrid Monday morning 5/4.

And that's that.