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Blunt thoughts of the week...

1. I'm sick of Spaniards (mostly my co-workers) telling me that I need a Spanish boyfriend to improve my Spanish.

Every time I talk about how I need to practice more Spanish, my co-workers come to the above conclusion.

2. I think foreigners who sound like Spaniards when they speak Spanish (whether they worked hard to get that or it just came second-hand and they picked it up just by ear) sound pretentious.

I hope this doesn't offend any of you who are foreigners that speak Spanish like a Spaniard- by which I mean they have that same fast-pace, monotone, closed sound the Spaniards have that I don't really know how to describe. I don't think the *Spaniards* sound pretentious when they speak, but for some reason when I hear foreigners speak in that way it sounds sort of pijo to me. This brings me to thought number 3....

3. I no longer feel ashamed of my accent when I speak Spanish, and in fact, I feel proud of it.

I don't want to sound pretentious, after all! But seriously, I'm not a native speaker of Spanish, but I think I pronounce the Spanish language correctly-- there's a difference between just having an accent versus plain bad pronunciation. I figure that my accent is how I want it to be- it's enough that people know I'm not from Spain, but they can't put a label on me. Aside from the obvious guesses (USA and England) I've had people guess I was from Italy, Portugal, Brazil, and Germany. A couple weeks ago I met a woman from Cataluña in a bar, and she could not figure out where I was from, even as she tried to listen to my accent as I spoke Spanish to her.

One of my friends who's Mexican-American used to tell me that she never wanted to lose her accent in English, and now I think maybe I understand that better now. When I speak, I don't want to try to sound like a Spaniard- I want to sound like me. Maybe that's why I think foreigners who sound like Spaniards sound pretentious- not that they actually are, but I imagine if I spoke like that, it wouldn't be me.

4. I'm playing guitar and studying French... and practicing saxophone more. All are going well, and I think I have a steady rhythm going for me now, which is good.

5. I'm enjoying teaching at the school- I feel like I'm learning a lot of techniques and could be a real English teacher (as opposed to an assistant). Still, being an assistant is great because it's what gives me time to practice sax, guitar, and french when I'm not at school!


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Mar. 17th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
second hand
I think you mean second nature.....
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