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super weekend getaway to Granada

First, I'd like to mention that I just translated my CV from Spanish to English. As I was translating it, I realized how bad the Spanish version sounded... or not bad, but some of my job descriptions could have been better. It's so annoying that I still write 10000 times better in English compared to Spanish. But it's not surprising, since I don't practice it. I guess if I started writing in Spanish more, it would improve.

So I went to Granada with one of my friends last weekend to visit a friend there, and we just had a blast. The best part- drinking wine with other American expats on a terrace overlooking the Alhambra and Granada at night. That was freaking AMAZING. I've already been to Granada a handful of times and done the tourist things, so this time was just about enjoying the tapas, the winding streets of the Albaycin, and meeting interesting people.

I finally met the guy to whom i owe thanks for the fact that I'm living in Spain now... more or less! He had interviewed me when I applied for the program in the beginning, and then when I was talking to him and he mentioned his first name and some other details, I made the connection, remembering seeing his name attached to all those emails that had to do with my acceptance into the program. So I was pretty stoked about that all night.

On top of that, the whole group of Americans I met that night were really cool, so I just had a blast.

At this party, I was supposed to be the token Spaniard since we didn't have any and my friend had said he'd bring a Spanish friend, so we decided that I'd do it. I'm sure if I'd really been into it, I could have fooled some of them at first- I notice that here in Madrid a lot of people who speak Spanish as a second language don't notice my accent. So anyway, at first I was only speaking in Spanish to people. Then of course things like "oh my god" would escape me.

Now for the photos....

Granadas (pomegranates) in Granada!

A nice view of the tower of the cathedral.

This isn't the greatest photo, but you can imagine how beautiful it was!


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Feb. 27th, 2010 08:33 pm (UTC)
future spaniards...
Hey Becky--we had a great time at Julie's show, and then went out with Joe, Grace, Susan, Angela, and Andrea. I think it is Angela who is thinking about spending at least a Semester in Spain...I told her she should talk to you.
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