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Summer, French Classes

I realize that ever since I've gotten back to Europe from the US, I've been having such a great time. Every weekend has been really fun for different reasons. I think it helped that I went home for Christmas; it was as if I recharged my batteries or something. It just help me put things into perspective so much... although at the time I was thinking, "I'd like to go back to Vermont when this year finishes." But now that I've been having so much fun since being back, I think I'll just stay!

I'd been considering applying to be an auxiliar in another comunidad autónoma, especially Castilla La Mancha or Extremadura. But I've decided that I want to try to stay in Madrid some more. Even though I've said I don't like it, I just don't want to have to get used to a new place again next year. Not only that, but I've decided I'm going to try to stay here for the summer, which means I need to find something in the summer to earn money. I'm going to apply to work at the English summer camps here in Spain. Some of them sound quite lovely.... like the resident camp in A Coruña. Yeah, I wouldn't mind being near the beach in July!!!!! Plus I've never been to Galicia :)

I've attended my first two French classes this week. I'm taking it with CEE Idiomas, which is quite centrally located in Sol. The first class, I was really nervous about since it had started back in November and I was worried I'd be really lost, but it turned out that I was able to follow it quite well. Then the second class, yesterday, was a bit more challenging. We were listening to dialogues where people called to make appointments and they'd list off tons of times, so I couldn't figure out from the dialogue which time they ended up choosing because I'd miss it from trying to figure out what time the first one was! Gotta practice those numbers. I remember that even in Spanish the number fluency took me awhile- I got quite good at them from shopping in Mexico! And what's great is they use pesos in Mexico, so it really helps you learn the hundreds! Not like here in Spain with the euro, so I think I'm forgetting the hundreds.... just kidding!

OK, signing out~ oh and here are my Logroño pics. Click here to see the album. (opens in new window/tab)