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playing catch-up

It's been a long time since I last wrote here, so here's a basic run-down of things.

I went home to Vermont for Christmas and New Year's and had a great time. I hadn't seen Vermont in winter in nearly two years! I didn't realize I'd miss it until I went home. I enjoyed it, although I have to admit that when we got that record snow fall, I was starting to look forward to going back to Madrid, where there isn't so much snow.

The irony of that of course was that as soon as I went to Madrid, I went to Prague the next day, where there wasn't any snow at first when I arrived in the evening, but then the next day it started snowing and snowed for the rest of our stay in Prague.

The snow continued to haunt me, as Madrid experienced a record snow fall the day I was supposed to come back to Prague! The snow was stalking me! I left Vermont, but Vermont didn't want to leave me, is what I suppose.

Prague was amazing- I stayed with 4 other friends in a cheap-ass apartment called "Jilska apartments". For 10 euro/night/person, they were pretty decent and right in the center of town- less than a minute walk to the old town square. We would sight-see during the day, and then go back to the apartment and stay in for the evening, playing card games. Highlights of the trip included going to Dobra, freezing on the tour of the castle, going on the Spanish walking tour led by a Valenciano named Pepe, seeing the really cool astronomical clock, and eating czech food. And all through this, Prague is so beautiful in the snow. I imagine it's also beautiful in summer, though.

Since I've been back in Madrid, things have gone well. My first weekend back, I went out both Thursday and Friday nights to some cool places around Huertas. Saturday was nice and quiet, which was needed after going out two nights in a row! I hung out with Sarah and her bulgarian roommate Ani, which has now motivated me to start studying Bulgarian on Livemocha. So now I'm trying to get a hold on both Bulgarian and French. Both are fun languages for different reasons!

My second weekend (aka this past weekend) was absolutely fabulous. I finally met bart_calendar, who is a "drunken ex-pat writer" living in Montpellier (France, not Vermont), and it was a good occasion to explore some new bars/clubs in Madrid. And it was also an excuse for me to finally visit the Prado for my first time. We went during the last two hours, when it was free. Random, amusing thing- we saw some kind of Star Wars geek convention near the Templo de Dubod.

Well folks, that is a very anemic summary of what's happened in the last month. I hope to get back up to speed with this blog, especially with drunken ex-pat writer linking to it!