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So I have quite a bit of interesting news from the last few days.

First of all, by luck I was summoned to play my sax for a publicity event last Thursday and was paid 100€ in cash for it! I was pretty psyched... and also I met some interesting people there. It´s interesting things like this that make living in a big city such as Madrid so cool.

So once I had that extra hundred euros, naturally I went out and spent it all preparing for Thanksgiving dinner! It was quite a success, actually. I made turkey for my first time and everyone loved it. It wasn´t dry at all and it was cooked just right and I used a good amount of seasoning so it was delicious.... I feel so accomplished.

Later that night we went out and went to meet up with other Couch Surfers at this bar called "Mi Madre Era Una Groupie".... and we partied ´til 6am.

The christmas lights are out in the city.... they especially look fabulous here in my neighborhood (in Goya). I´ll put some photos up of those soon.

Speaking of photos, you can check out my most recent photo album here on Facebook.

Cheers friends!

Oh and also... I'm coming home for Christmas on December 23!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Before that, though, I have a trip to Porto planned next weekend, so I'll update about that soon hopefully.